Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner

Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner (Ayurved Parangat) 4 years / 8 Semesters / 3035 hours (188.5 credits) (Without 560 Seva Hours):

“Approved and Regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board.”

This four year program builds upon the Ayurvedic Practitioner training, offering students a more in depth look at both pathology and indicated treatment. Students will be given the opportunity to define a focus of their educational experience at Ayurved Sadhana, to better support the populations they are passionate about serving, and/or to enhance their skills as a general practitioner in the community. This program offers an extensive supervised externship where students will refine their skill-sets and be prepared to practice with confidence upon graduation.

Here is the breakdown of fees and cost:

  1. Total Base Tuition Cost for 4-years program: $26,250.00 
  2. Panchakarma Hands-On Training (Required Course): $2,850+ (To be paid when class is offered, monthly payment plan
    will be offered 5 months before)
  3. An Authentic Ayurvedic Experience in India (Required Course)$6,500.00+ (To be paid when trip is scheduled, monthly payment plan will be offered 10 months before)
  4. Non-refundable Application and Registration Fee: $150
  5. Non-refundable Tech Fee: $150 per year = $600 for program

NOTE: Monthly Payment plans for 48 months are available for Base Tuition Cost. Monthly Payment plans for Panchakarma training and India Trip are also available.

We provide pdf formats of notes and other educational material. Remaining 4-5 Books, Herbal Supplies, Internship/Externship Supplies, Printing cost, etc. are not provided by the school BUT, are an additional expense to the student for the program or class they are enrolled in. Also, airfare, lodging and boarding during hands-on training is extra cost per semester which each student is responsible.

Class Schedules Per Semester:
NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 Hands-On Classes may have to be delivered via a LIVE STREAM Platform as Rules and Regulations may still apply.
  • Dhanvantari Puja – 20 Hrs
  • Community Ayurvedic Events – 4 events per year – 80 Hrs
  • Ganesh Chaturthi  – 20 Hrs
  • Shivratri – 20 Hrs
  • Gudipadwa – 20 Hrs
  • Meditation and Chanting – 400 Hrs


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