Agada Tantra: Ayurvedic Toxicology

Agada Tantra: Ayurvedic Toxicology deals with the signs, symptoms and management of poisoning that may arise from the bites of snakes, insects, worms, spiders, rodents, etc. Additionally, other poisons produced by improper combinations of substances or drugs is discussed regarding the pathophysiology and treatment of poisoning per Ayurveda. Furthermore, Agada Tantra quotes rare references from our Vedic and Alchemist sages. The properties of toxic materials such as corrosives, irritants, and neurotoxins are described in Agada Tantra. Finally, Ayurvedic students will gain the knowledge of methods of detection, symptomology, and lethal doses surrounding virulent materials.

Dates: Schedule Posted Here!

Instructor: Dr. Bharat Vaidya

Price: $750

Class format:  In-person in Superior, Colorado near Boulder

Credits: 3 Credits

Text Book(s)/Notes: Students will receive PowerPoint notes prior to class

ARTIST CREDIT: Elena Mozhvilo


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