Individual Classes

Welcome to Ayurved Sadhana where healing begins here…

We are happy to extend Individual Classes to people who would like to experience Ayurveda without a full commitment to a Program. When the time comes that you would like to attend a full three-year Ayurvedic Practitioner Program or four-year Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner Program, these individual classes will count toward your certification.

Ayurved sadhana is a Private Occupation school with a seven-generation lineage of Vaidyas under the umbrella of Prabhuram Ayurvedic Vidyalaya Trust, Mumbai, India established in 1896.

Registration Info: If you don’t see the upcoming schedule for any class or you need to register, please send an email to You will then need to fill out Application form to register for a class. You can pay for any class in full by using “Add to Cart” button on individual class page.

Once you have registered and paid for the class, Ayurved Sadhana will share the notes with the student one week before the class.

Note: For Jyotish and Sanskrit class you need couple of books; for cooking classes and herbal preparation class, you will need herbal supplies for homework, printing cost, etc. which are not provided by the school, but are an additional expense to the student for the program. Also, airfare, lodging and boarding during hands-on training is extra cost which each student is responsible.

Experience Ayurveda through these Individual classes:
NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 Hands-On Classes may have to be delivered via a LIVE STREAM Platform as Rules and Regulations may still apply.


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