Padarth Vigyan: Metaphysical Aspects of Ayurved

Union of body, psyche, sense organs, soul. Purusha and Prakriti. Comparisons between vedic and western philosophies. How the individual gets woven into the matrix of Karma. Fundamental components of the cosmos. The 9 ultimate substances. Panchamahabhootas. Vedanta and Samkhya schools of thought. Atman, Ahamkara. The Puranas Senses, life forms, essence, consciousness, soula and psychic forces. The Ayurvedic concept of Mana (mind) is both broad and illuminating. Understanding the importance of Time within ayurvedic pathology and treatment. Buddhist philosophy, Bhagavad Ghita.

Padartha Vigyanam is a thought provoking class that dives deeply into the metaphysical aspects of Ayurveda. Numerous philosophies are comparatively explored in regards to the union of the body, psyche, sense organs, and soul. More specifically, the theories of Purusha and Prakriti, Ego and soul, and the 5 elements are elaborated upon in the class of Padartha Vigyanam.

Dates: Schedule Posted Here!

Instructor: Dr. Bharat Vaidya

Price: $480

Class format:  In-person in Superior, Colorado near Boulder

Credits: 2 Credit

Text Book(s)/Notes: Students will receive PowerPoint notes prior to class


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