Ayurvedic Doula – Nutrition and Support Program

Ayurvedic Doula – Nutrition and Support Program (Sutika Seviika) – 265 hrs (Theory 95 hours and Hands-on training 170 hours) (16 Credits)

Approved and Regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board.

Students will learn heart centered practices to support families, born from the roots of traditional Ayurvedic teachings.  This vast science of care will teach students to tend to families unique needs through food as medicine, common herbs and spices, body therapies, and ancient practices that deeply served our ancestors, all made relevant for today’s society. This program is offered in service of Mothers and Babies.

Here is the breakdown of fees and cost:

  1. Total Base Tuition Cost for 9 months program: $5500.00 
  2. Non-refundable Application and Registration Fee: $150
  3. Non-refundable Tech Fee: $150 for program

NOTE: Monthly Payment plan for 9 or 10 months is available for Base Tuition Cost.

Couple of books, Herbal supplies, Internship/Externship Supplies, Printing cost, etc. are not provided by the school BUT, are an additional expense to the student for the program. Also, airfare, lodging and boarding during hands-on training is extra cost which each student is responsible.


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