Ayurvedic Doula Externship


ARTIST CREDITS: Anupama Vaidya

Ayurvedic Doula Externship allows students to have hands on practice in their field, under the guidance of a Ayurvedic professionals and teachers. Students will offer their services to various clients from their local community for a minimum of 60 hours. Students will record case study forms for each day of their externship. After each assignment, student needs self evaluation and client evaluation forms to be filled in and submitted to Ayurved Sadhana Administrator.

After completing the required hours, students will write an essay about their experience. The essay should be a minimum of three pages, and no more than five pages. Students will then meet with an Administrator from Ayurved Sadhana, and Senior Ayurvedic Doula, so the student can receive feedback and reflections about their performance as a whole. The externship must be completed for a student to qualify for certification.

Topics to be covered in this course:

  • Mothers Ayurvedic Warm Oil Application Instructions
  • Infant Warm Oil Application Instructions
  • Meal Planning or Preparation
  • Breast Health Assessment
  • Client Assessment Forms
  • Self Care Log
  • Self Evaluation Forms
  • Essay
  • Review and Reflections with Admin

This course must be completed within the following time frame: Saturday, Feb 1st – Thursday, April 30th.

Last Day of Submission:

  • Thursday, April 30, 2020

Learning format: Offer services in your local community. Please review ‘Externship’ guideline document for completion of this course. Then submit all your homework, shadowing documents, assignments, self-evaluation and client evaluation forms to Ayurved Sadhana admin.

Price: $650

Credits: 4 Credits


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