Ayurvedic Foundations of Women’s Health in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Ayurvedic Foundation’s of Health in Pregnancy & Postpartum covers the concepts associated with the various reproductive cycles such as; Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, and Menstruation. The Ayurvedic Doula will learn how to assess their client’s doshas in regards to Vikruti and Prakruti, and learn numerous methods of treating those experiencing imbalances. More specifically, the AyurDoula will possess the skills to read the tongue, pulse, fingernails, skin, and the mental and emotional capacities of their clients. Several treatment methods such as herbal preparations and hands-on applications will be discussed within the framework of Ayurveda and traditional Midwifery. The three doshas; Vata, Pitta, Kapha, and how they manifest in the body and mind of those experiencing Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum is further taught in Ayurvedic Foundation’s of Health in Pregnancy & Postpartum.

Moreover, nutritional and emotional guidance through the reproductive cycles will be examined in Ayurvedic Foundation’s of Health in Pregnancy & Postpartum. The Ayurvedic Doula will gain a well rounded understanding of the anatomical and physiological changes a birthing body experiences, and how to best educate and support their client’s.

Dates: Schedule Posted Here!

Instructor: Terra Rafael

Price: $420

Class format:  Live webinar or in-person in Superior, Colorado near Boulder

Credits: 1 Credit

Text Book(s)/Notes: Students will receive PowerPoint notes prior to class


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