Whole Green Mung Bean Soup (Moong)

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Kickstart the Season with Whole Green Mung Bean Soup (Moong)

We cannot even count how many times Dr. Vaidya and I have been requested for a green mung bean soup recipe from clients, students, friends, acquaintances, etc. We teach the three different green mung bean soup recipes in Ayurved Sadhana’s cooking classes – Green Mung Broth, Easy Green Mung Bean Soup and then Green Mung Bean Soup with an amazing twist to enhance the taste to ultimate level. Here, we are going to talk about easy green mung bean soup so that anyone can make it at home and enjoy it not only as fall season kickstarts, but throughout the year. Mung is used in so many Asian dishes such as curries, soups, sprouted salads, savory pancakes, savory dosas, idlis, and we even make desserts.

Mung Bean Soup

Soak Time

2 Hours Hot Water

Prep Time

10 Minutes

Cook Time

30 Minutes

Serving Size

Serves 5-6

Whole green mung bean soup is warm, nutritious, balancing all doshas, comforting and with lots of health benefits, especially an essential food during the postpartum period. If you are recovering from covid-19, add the high protein content whole green mung bean soup in your diet. During the fall and winter season, this one pot recipe can be the one thing which you need to indulge on. You can add green mung bean soup in your diet after any surgery, radiation or chemotherapy treatment, knee surgery, etc. or just to control/lose weight.

Whole grain green mung bean soup can be eaten in all seasons. It is Tridoshak which means it balances all doshas in the body – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Green mung bean is highly nutritious with protein and is easily digestible. It is very Satvik (pure, vital, energy-containing, and clean) and so used by traditional Ayurvedic practitioners to ground body and mind both. It is best for arthritis, fever, cancer, flu, heart diseases, diabetics, etc. It can be a staple diet after any kind of surgery. Mung bean protein is a plant-based protein which is a good alternative for eggs. Green Mung bean helps to purify the plasma and enhance the immunity.

Garlic acts as an Agni Kindler i.e., increases digestive fire. It increases immunity and helps to digest toxins. It helps to purify plasma and stimulates the mother’s heart during the postpartum period. Ginger is useful in almost all anticipated complaints of indigestion, backache, to increase digestive fire and to help hormonal balance. Asafetida (Hing) helps in ovulation and nourishes the nervous tissue in case of stagnation with high Vata or air element.

Mung Bean Soup Spices
Soaked Green Mung




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