Flu Season Remedy: Ajwain Kadha or Decoction

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Flu Season Remedy: Ajwain Kadha or Decoction

We always make a Kadha or hot decoction using Ajwain Seeds when anyone in the family has cold and cough. Flu season is upon us and with Covid-19 and flu along with Fall season, it is a good idea to add Ajwain Kadha in your recipe list. When we used to get a stomachache or gas trouble, my mother used to give us 1-part Ajma seeds with 2 parts of dry shredded coconut to eat. The stomachache used to vanish immediately. The coconut used to help to reduce the sharp taste of Ajma seeds. Ajwain is also known as Ajma or Carom Seed. Ajwain is very hot in nature. The seeds are Kapha and Vata nashak (Destroys Kapha and Vata). Ajwain seeds have a bitter-pungent taste which is incredibly unique. The seeds are efficacious in relaxed sore throat, bronchitis, and habitual drunkenness.

Prep Time

5 Minutes

Cook Time

10 Minutes

Serving Size

Serves 2

Please check out “Ajwain or Ajma – Powerful and Versatile, Must Have Pantry Herb” blog from Dr. Bharat Vaidya for detailed information about Ajwain or Ajma.


Ajwain seeds and leaves



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