By Dr. Bharat Vaidya

As per Vedas, the two fundamental forces which are in a perfect indestructible and inseparable union are Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is a masculine deity while Shakti is a feminine form which literally means power, inner strength, and energy.

The union of Shiva and Shakti is the most ancient belief in human history of healing. Ida-Pingala Nadi, Sun and Moon energies, Azoth and Kibrit, Yin and Yang – all these modalities and many more like these have led us to strong belief of our ancient sages and without that unity and equilibrium of Shiva and Shakti, healing, yoga, Ayurveda, or Tantra science is not possible. The Alchemy of the prime atom world manifests from these two basic seeds – Shiva and Shakti. The Manifestation of the universal or the individual soul is not possible without it. Since ancient times, every great healer and alchemist has respected the power of Shiva and Shakti.

These beliefs leave unexplained, and the limitless field is offered by the healers of Asia, India, Africa, Greece, ancient people of America in which the relation of Shiva and Shakti have given birth to innumerable formulas, put into practice in variable schools of Vaidyas, Hakims and healers. The vast continental healers from shamans of Northern and Eastern Siberia, the Tibetan healers, the enchanters of Alaska and Arizona, the diviners who work their way among the Indians in Utah, the Touareg healers of Timbuktu and as far as Lagos in Equatorial Africa, and last but not least Arunta of Australia, Igorrotes in Philippines or those of Borneo and Papua, all firmly believe in bringing these energies in balance during every healing procedure and not only for physiological balance but psychological as well. These healers not only believe in healing karma and the human body in the present birth but also help our past incarnations and future too.

In tantra science, the two snakes of male and female energies symbolize cosmic energy which wound around the microcosmic form of the universal energy called ‘Kundalini Shakti’. The vital strength of the awakened kundalini ascends along the spinal cord via a central subtle network called ‘Sushumna’ to the middle of the brain. The left network is called the lunar channel – ‘Ida’ while the right network is called the solar channel – ‘Pingala’. These all three channels again come around the ‘Bhrkuti’ (eyebrow), and frontal lobe. The union of both channels of Shiva and Shakti plays an important part in the maintenance and awakening of ‘Sushumna’ – Spinal Cord.

Medical Symbol Feminine Power

As per Ayurveda and Yoga, one of the air (Vata) elements, ‘Udana’ is the primary force of Sushumna and has an impact on its main attitude towards the whole body. As per Ayurvedic psychology, we can perceive the knowledge of tissues through Udana. So wise says || Sharira Dhatu Gata Bodhadhisthana Dharanmudan Karyam || which means knowledge about the bodily tissues and the pathology is due to the force of Udana.

As per Yog Shastra, if a person can control Udana, they can fly with inner strength of the psyche which was very common during Vedic times. When we control the psyche and senses, the knowledge manifests through tissues and Udana. With control of Udana Vayu, the peaceful union of Shiva and Shakti plays a very important role.

In Vedanta, Sushumna or spine is also called as the workforce of Brahma (infinite knowledge of universe within and around us). Two serpents of Shiva and Shakti twirling around the staff of Sushumna symbolizes the union of male and female energy and creation of serpent fire. While two wings symbolize the power of conscious journey to the higher worlds by self-upliftment brought by unfolding this fire which was properly understood by Greek Caduceus philosopher. This symbol has been adopted as the symbol of modern medicine for the past century. Nicholas Flamel writes in ‘Chymische Werke’, Hamburg Edition, 1681: “There are two snakes attached around Mercury’s staff, with which the Almighty demonstrates its great power and changes into whichever forms it wishes. Through putrefaction, they lose their natural forms to take a new greater form. The reason why I make you draw these two male and female seeds in the form of a serpent is because with equilibrium it can heal itself”. Also, Ripley has described in ‘Serpent of Arebia’, Azoth as a female energy and Kibrit as a male energy.

Hence, this symbol for the modern healing system is indirectly related with the depiction of unity of Shiva and Shakti through which the universe is achieving healing, love, and peace.


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