As we embrace springtime, Dr. Bharat Vaidya, founder of Ayurved Sadhana and well known Ayurvedic Doctor, wants to introduce one of the rare gem of Ayurveda - Todari or Candytuft.

Dr. Bharat Vaidya B.A.M.S., M.D.

Owner and Founder of Ayurved Sadhana

Todari plant was introduced by traditional Vaidyas in beginning part of 19th century in Ayurveda by Europeans visiting India at that time. This plant is basically native to central, southern, and western Europe.  Medicinal components of the Todari plant used consists of its seeds mixed with some portion of rhomboid shaped pods.
    • Sanskrit: Shwetabhra, Raktabhra, Shyamal
    • Hindi: Todari
    • English: Candytuft
    • Genus: Iberis amara
    • Family: Brassicaceae
    • Part used: Mainly seeds are used, but whole pant is used as well.
Varieties and Seeds:
As per Ayurvedic old traditional texts, there are three varieties which we can find today. They are Todari Supheda (White), Todari Surkha (Red), Todari Shiha (Black). The seeds of all these varieties resemble one another in their general peculiarities. As per modern horticulture, there are different varieties grown such as Rocket Candytuft, Bitter Candytuft, and Wild Candytuft, etc.
The seeds of Todari are used for medicinal purpsoe, are yellowish red, ovate, flat, or roundish in form, convex on both surfaces, and have a membranous white ring springing from the hilum. The ring spreads on both sides and separates the surfaces. A small groove extends from the hilum and disappears about the middle of both surfaces. The taste is mucilaginous and slightly pungent. When soaked in water, these seeds become thickly coated with Mucilage. In historic times, Todari was planted in the garden of H.E. Maharaja of Porbandar, for its beauty and health reason.
Todari or Candytuft as per Ayurveda – Benefits and Uses:
    1. The seeds are aromatic and stimulant. They act as a nervine and brain tonic.
    2. The seeds are excellent restorative. They improve the vitality and work as a tonic combined with milk or yogurt.
    3. Todari used with herbs like Ashwagandha or Shatavari serves as one of the best aphrodisiacs.
    4. As restorative agent, Todari gives strength to body and helps muscle building.
    5. Todari seeds improve the strength of the blood and hence enhance hemoglobinization of blood.
    6. It is the best medicine given in swelling of the soft tissue due to accumulation of excess water and toxins. Hence, it is consumed in gout, rheumatism, etc.
    7. Combined with other herbs like Pippali or Vasa, Todari is used in bronchitis effectively.
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