The Rudraksha seed is well known for its use in mala. The uses of this seed far exceed beyond mantra. Dr. Bharat Vaidya shares his perspective & research into the traditional Vedic texts on the vast applications of this exceptional plant!

Dr. Bharat Vaidya

Owner and Founder of Ayurved Sadhana

Interesting Ethnobotany:

Rudraksha (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) is a Vedic tree. We find lot of description in Vedanta and especially Purana (Shiv Puran) about this auspicious tree and fruit. Shiv Upasak, Sadhus, Saints all wear Rudraksha and some wears as an ornament cover with gold or silver. In Shiv Puarn, Shiva says ’The one who wears this pious Rudraksha near him no, ghost, ghost energies, bad grahas can harm him/her or not even can cross his/her energy circle’ (Bhuta Bhishangatwa – Infection and infestation). When one wears Rudraksha on the neck, it purifies air around the person, infection and infestation unable to come near that person. When you have Rudraksha on your neck and take bath, your immunity increases. (Rasa Vaidya – Bavabhai Acahalji 1890). He also mentioned that Rudraksha is the herb which purifies mana and soul.

The way Tulsi, Peepal tree (Sacred fig), Bilipatra (Vilvam ilia or Beal) and such other medicines are considered very pious in our Vedas and Ayurveda, Rudraksha is also considered as pious, and has deep healing secrets. Shankracharya and Shakarmatadhikari (followers of Shakracharya and Vedic path) have accepted Rudraksha as one of the very pure and divya aushadhi (medicinal plant) – Vaidya Prabhuram Jivanram.

Rudraksha can help Rasacharyas and Siddhas (people who are involved in alchemy) to achieve success in their preparation and healing powers of the medicines. It potentiates all Bhasmas (Nano Particles) and other metallic preparations. (Rasacharya- Kaviraj Bhudeb Mookharji, Calcutta 1932).

When a little child is unstable and having seizures and breathing problems due to severe infection and no medicine is working, at that time this ‘Shiva Buti’ (Rudraksha) works wonder. The root of this diseases is crazy force of vata and effect of bhuta or bad energy. Seizures will get reduced and eventually stop. When baby is around one month, due to heaviness in G.I., kapha gets accumulated in chest and fever manifest. Sometimes this gets cured but many times it doesn’t and starts again after some days and eventually baby dies. Here, Rudraksha bead powder of 1 or 2 beads with honey given with mother’s milk to baby. If baby vomits, do not worry, and keep giving it every one or two hours. It can also help in pneumonia, swasa, kasa, ajirna etc. The water from Rudraksha leaves can be used to wash wounds. (Raj Vaidya Hirji Jivram, Bombay-7, India, Rudraksha – pure medicine- Health magazine 1929, Prabhuram Ayurvedic College).

During Vedic times, people were making different ornaments with Rudraksha and other precious metals and were using it and for piercing. They were creating different art on body using its powder. (Wilson- Hindoo Theaters, Calcutta, 1830)

Its leaves were used by traditional vaidyas in mansik roga (psychological disorders), strokes, headache, migraines etc., and outer layer of fruit was used to treat fever, cold, cough. Rudraksha tree is very solid and people were making temple from it in old times and poor people were using it as a fuel to cook food.

Main effects of Rudraksha is to cure mental diseases and alignments. All most all Rudraksha helps in bring down stress, anxiety, depression, palpitations, and lack of concentration. It helps tremendously endocrine system, and helps to maintain, improve, or increase positive magnetic circle around the body.

More from ancient Vedic text and especially Purana, there are different types of Rudraksha depending on how many Mukh or mouths are in a Rudraksha.

Which Mukhi Rudraksha is powerful?

The Ten Mukhi Rudraksha is known to be the most powerful Rudraksha, being able to pacify all the nine planets. The Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is associated to Lord Hanuman who represents courage, bravery, and adventure. It gives the wearer courage and fearless power.

Rudraksha beads contains carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and trace elements in combined forms and every type of Rudraksha has different amount of these gases. Hence, it has different powers especially for lungs and oxygenation. Rudraksha has amazing powers. It improves overall oxygenation level in the body and body nitrogen level. It strengthens the wall of lungs alveoli. It does not allow any weakness or bad energies in Pranvaha Srotamsi.

Bio-Electro-Magnetic properties: Why Rudraksha can be beneficial when you chant mantras or do 108 bead malas:

Rudraksha beads hold the property of stabilizing and securing. These beads controls and normalizes the flow of bioelectric current in body. When due to stress or certain situation bio-electric load increases and increase the heart rate or disequilibrium the brain function, Rudraksha has capacity to control it and divert it on specific path to regain strength of that organ or system.

Some Household Preparations:
  • Wearing a Rudraksha bracelet can improve blood circulation and helps in reduce anxiety and depression.
  • In old times ‘Trya Siddhi’ ‘Ekvishati Mukhi’ Rudraksha, women used to make ornaments and wear so that it protects fetus and its samskara.
  • Keep Rudraksha in copper vessel at night with water and give that water to a patient with diabetes. Rudraksha with neem and turmeric can be used in diabetes.
  • Praying or wearing Rudraksha keeps away Bhutabhishangtawa (infection and infestation).
  • Rudraksha powder in cow milk clears pranvaha srotamsi and helps oxygenation in the body.
  • Rudraksha powder and Manjishta powder face pack is excellent for protecting and glowing of skin, helps in Acne vulgaris and pimples.
  • Rudraksha eye drops from its water combined with Triphala can protect eyes and help to improve Alochak pitta and protect all neuro fibers.
  • It helps to maintain hormonal levels. 1-part Rudraksha and 3-part Shatavari Ghee can tremendously help woman and man to maintain their hormonal balances and keep the diseases away of reproductive system.
  • For too much heat in the body, Rudraksha + Sandalwood lepa or even taking internally works best.

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