By Dr. Bharat Vaidya

Founder and Instructor at Ayurved Sadhana

Jyotish has long been on the outskirts of science, always shunned by the mainstream and chastised by its more accepted holistic cousins. However, as our understanding of the universe continues to expand past our mundane scientific principles of the 20th century, we start to see Jyotish come into its true splendor. For we start to see ways that Jyotish has a scientific basis and also brings a sense of order to our chaotic existence.

But first, what is Jyotish? Jyotish is the study of the planets as they relate to each other, as well as the location of oneself on the planet, during the moment they were born, at the exact time. This is plotted into a chart that has been used for millennia, which, when properly done can help paint a clearer picture on how these celestial bodies affect one’s path in life. This chart can also shift as the plants themselves orbit, leaving and entering different parts of the chart.

In order to give a modern-day scientific understanding of Jyotish, we must remove the aspect of spiritually to analyze it. I’m doing so we can put to rest any doubts in the minds of skeptics. To properly go about doing this, we will need to use scientific theories, which are the underlying basis of all that we hold true in science, or at least as far as our current collective understanding allows us to. We will use the cell theory, theory of gravity, and quantum theory as it pertains to atoms and subatomic particles (electrons, protons, etc.).

Quantum theory is not a gimmick from some superhero movie. Quantum principles can be applied when looking at electrons and the way they sit in space, spin, orbit, and position themselves relative to the atom of a particular element. Each element has its own set of four quantum numbers and can be used to distinguish only the element, but the particular electron we may be referring to, for a basic understanding. Each electron has its own force and effect on the others and vice versa. When we look at the equation for the electric force of these electron charges upon each other we see the following:

Electric Force from
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These quantum numbers are the basis for the forces between different atoms. Such things as ionic bonds, covalent bonds, hydrogen bonding and other basic chemical processes can be explained by the sharing, transfer, and arrangement of these electrons and their quantum numbers. This however cannot give us any solid scientific proof for Jyotish, at least not on its own.

Gravitational theory looks at gravity and how massive bodies play a never-ending tug-of-war with forces invisible to the human eye. Yet it is the very force that keeps us here glued to this planet, controls our oceans, and prevents us from getting roasted by the sun. It is also the the same force that holds the celestial giants we call planets in place. The location and movement of these planets being the fundamentals of Jyotish. However, when looking at the gravitational force equation, we see something that takes our quest for answers to the next level:

Gravitational Force from
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The gravitational and electric force equations are very similar. This is not news to anyone in the scientific community and most kids learn this in high school nowadays. But, when you look at them together, along with Jyotish, you start to see how Jyotish plays its part in making sense of this universe. Each electron has a force that is played upon another, the forces strong and powerful, and effects leading to the very creation of this universe. Our solar system is a lot less chaotic, with our powerful sun domineering with its mass and gravity. However just as the electrons, we here on this planet still feel the gravity of other planets, and this too varies depending on their position in their orbit along with ours. A force that changes as planets relate to one another as well as oneself, and changes with orbit and time. Now where have I heard that before? As each large celestial body in our solar system makes its way through its orbit, it has a differing amount of gravitational effect on the individual, even if very subtle. At the moment of birth, who’s to say that these forces do not have an effect on the deeper psyche of one’s mind as well as development. Actually, let’s look at that very idea.

We can further relate this to cell theory- each cell, playing its vital part in development. We already know that cells behave differently to large changes in gravity and over time we see shifts and perhaps over millennia, evolutionary changes. Jyotish can be explained by the linkage between these two actions, and how the gravitational forces of large celestial bodies affect the ways in which cells may interact with each other. This may lead to a shift in the person’s development, eventually affecting such things as physical and psychological behaviors and conditions. It may be a small subtle shift, but with a proper understanding of Jyotish and charts, it can be recorded and further understood.

We will be the first to admit that further research and study needs to be done into the topics covered here today. Not only the link between Jyotish and mainstream sciences, but also a deeper understanding of gravity. There are many things we do not understand such as how blackholes and dark matter play into gravity, and our understanding changes every few years. Jyotish also has yet to factor our own position in the vast universe and such large celestial entities we have not encountered for the time being. But as our place in this universe becomes clearer, so too shall the science of Jyotish. And who knows, Jyotish may be the way to connect our understanding of the science with spirituality.


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