By Dr. Bharat Vaidya

In fevers, and all inflammatory diseases, fasting, absolute diet or what traditional physicians used to call it as antiphlogistic regimen is a matter of first importance. As a rule, nature herself points out this remedy.

When animals have any malady, they stop eating. Loss of appetite is a symptom of disease and it points to the mode of cure. Scientists of ayurved understand it very well. Not only the stomach has to rest, but all organs of nutrition, and the nerves which produce their action gets rest. When we stop food intake in fevers and inflammation, we diminish the pressure of blood and relieve the heart to act and indirectly through that our immune system and plasma. Plus, for relieving the system of the labor of digestion and assimilation, we allow the nervous force to expand itself in recuperative action.

The maxim ‘Stuff a cold and starve a fever’ is true enough so far as the fever is concerned; but a cold is a sort of fever; a local fever or inflammation of some part of mucous membrane and there is no better remedy for a cold than abstinence from food and taking some means to restore the action on the skin and help mucus membrane. In case of regular headache, abstinence from food or fasting can be of significant help as nine times in ten dyspepsia and indigestion is the cause. My mother always used to believe that in every pathology and disease, fasting is the first line of prevention as well as cure. By eating and drinking in a disease state, we are feeding not our body or tissues but feeding viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites.


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