By Sara Maguire

Ayurvedic Student at Ayurved Sadhana
Photo Credit: Photo by Alex Pasarelu on Unsplash

The health of the mother is just as important as the health of the baby. So many times in our health system, the mother is overlooked and falls into such pitfalls as postpartum depression, infections, or even life threatening situations. Looking at the difference in these births, we see the doula difference, and how it changes the health of the mother along with the baby.

I was first introduced to Ayurveda through an online health coaching program I was taking. The lesson on Ayurveda was very short but what I did hear, resonated with me very much. Years go by, I continue to think bout that message I learned from but chose not to do anything further, until one day in 2016 when my baby was 9 months old. I was having a conversation with a friend and as the words were pouring out of my mouth the answer I kept receiving from my intuition was Ayurveda, Ayurveda, Ayurveda. So I went on a search for a program and a classically trained Ayurvedic Doctor who could help me and my 9 month old Baby. I took to google and found some schools throughout the country offering Ayurvedic classes but I wanted something local, I kept looking and by the Grace of God Ayurved Sadhana popped up, and the best part, the school was only 20 minutes from my home. Immediately, I emailed the school and got a reply shortly thereafter. We exchanged a couple of emails and AV invited me over to meet the team and Dr V. We set a time for the following week. I was eager to learn about their program and so excited to get some health help for me and my baby as well.

From the time my baby was just weeks old, we struggled. He cried a lot. He needed constant motion in my arms and endless hours of nursing just to stay asleep. We struggled, and my emotional well being struggled just as much. He couldn’t tolerate me eating a variety of foods from dairy, gluten, corn, soy, and nuts which increased my emotional struggle. When I notified Dr. V about what we were experiencing he assured me that he could help us, this situation wouldn’t last forever and we would heal. He was right. A few short weeks later, some magical herbs and prana filled food and we were back on track. My baby was finally able to relax, eat and enjoy more foods and sleep better on his own. As time went on and I spent more time in Dr. Vs presence I learned of all the ways that our western approaches towards pregnancy and postpartum negatively affect birth outcomes, mothers recovery, both physical and emotional and babies physical and emotional well being. It all started to make sense why my baby and I were suffering so much. We weren’t nourished in a way that was therapeutic during my pregnancy and after his birth. Despite a most peaceful and natural home water birth, the effects of our western approach impacted our health and well being in a negative way. Fast forward

Fast forward 8 months and I find myself pregnant again. I knew this time I would meet with Dr. V for regular Ayurvedic pregnancy care and follow the Ayurvedic protocol for birth and postpartum as well. I couldn’t wait! My pregnancy went along perfectly, I felt Fabulous and my baby was perfect in every way. Birth at home again was peaceful, easy, calm and short. So much so, my midwife didn’t even believe I was in active labor until an hour before the baby was born.

Postpartum recovery immediately after birth looked like Ayurvedic nourishing foods prepared for us by my midwife and a good friend. We got all the best recipes that Ayurved Sadhana provides to be sure we were being nourished for the best possible outcome for me and baby. I followed the plan of lots of rest, staying in bed for at least 2 weeks and not leaving the home for at least 6 weeks. My body recovered so well, my milk came in strong and by far the best result was a happy, content and healthy baby who was perfect in every way. I feel blessed to have provided her with such a great start to life, for her gut, her brain and her nervous system.

The difference between these two births and their postpartum periods is so vast. I have never felt so nourished, so peaceful, so well taken care of as I did during and after the birth of my Ayurveda baby. I have become a huge advocate for Ayurveda during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. It truly is the most nurturing gift we can provide ourselves as women.

Every mother deserves the gift of Ayurveda for herself, her baby, her family and society as a whole. When women are nurtured with Ayurvedic philosophies throughout their pregnancies and after their births, they reduce the risk of postpartum depression and/or anxiety and they come back ready to be the best mother they were designed to be.


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