From ancient times, in Ayurveda, Ginger and Turmeric are mentioned as Maha Aushadhi. Maha means superior and Aushadhi means medicine. Our ancestors understood the relation of gut health with blood, plasma and through that heart and brain. These two herbs are very simple healing modalities which even any human being can include in their daily lifestyle without any side effects.

By Dr. Bharat Vaidya B.A.M.S., M.D.

Owner and Founder of Ayurved Sadhana

Turmeric and Ginger were used in daily cooking and recipes for thousands of years in India and that tradition is mostly continue till today. But, to include these two herbs in western lifestyle, you can take fresh ginger and turmeric juice every morning before breakfast. If you don’t have time to juice or crush the fresh ginger and turmeric, then just cut ginger and turmeric in thin slices, maybe 3-4 slices each and chew them in the morning or take with your lunch or dinner. Nowadays, most of the grocery stores carry organic ginger and turmeric. When choosing these roots, please buy the roots with small fingers. The small fingers are very tender and more potent than the bigger roots.


Turmeric bulb is widely used as a culinary spice to add color and flavor to food. Extracts from the bulbs are added to many cosmetic products.  The flower is used for removing intestinal worms. It is also used in rituals and in poojas for god and goddesses. Dried turmeric root along with vermilion (kumkumam) is given to women during ceremonies / festivals.  Turmeric was found in excavation of Indus Valley civilization and also known to be used by Cleopatra for her beauty products and paintings.

As per Ayurveda, Turmeric is known to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and is used in traditional medicines. It is also used to treat mental disorders, jaundice and venereal diseases. The oil is used in perfumes and medicines. For bruises, sprains, contused wounds and black eye, fresh turmeric or dry turmeric powder was applied in combination with Quick Lime Mumps with success in Prabhuram Ayurvedic College. A paste of Turmeric was applied to stop bleeding from wounds and traditional Vaidyas and Hakims were using it specially to stop bleeding from Leech bites after Leeches treatment which continues still now in Gout treatment.


Ginger is described in Agnivesh Samhita and Guhya Sutra and considered as a type of Grass, not as a plant. Traditional opinion is that ‘Adara’ described in Rigveda is ginger. Fresh ginger tea is one of the top drinks not only in India but around the world. During the rainy season, hot fresh ginger tea is a staple in Indian households. Applying Ginger paste to inflamed part of the body or by taking it orally was a sure cure as per traditions. Ginger powder was always used to detoxify the body (Mala Rahita). Also, in British raj and before, for headache, Vaidya Rughnath Indraji used to prescribe ginger paste and Vacha powder to apply locally. Growing up in India and still in the USA, whenever anyone in our household have gas trouble, we always give fresh ginger juice combined with little hing as it is the best remedy in gas trouble. In hyperacidity or heartburn, fresh ginger juice with little sugar was the best medicine in old times to regulate hydrochloric acid.

Fresh Ginger and Fresh Turmeric Juice uses:

  1. Fresh Turmeric and fresh Ginger is the best medicine for G.I. tract and specially to reduce inflammation and infection.
  2. Its combination can kill bad bacteria and viruses in the body and improve blood quality.
  3. Its combination with butter milk is drug of choice in Sprue or celiac disease.
  4. Fresh Turmeric and fresh Ginger combination is drug of choice for the breathing system and helps to reduce inflammation of bronchi, thus assisting to minimize eosinophilia best taken first thing in the morning.
  5. This combination is naturally the best anti -inflammatory and help natural resources of body cortisol to maintain and works properly by helping glucocorticoids.
  6. Fresh Ginger and Turmeric milk is one of the drug of choice for cold and sore throat.
  7. In chronic cold and cough problems, regular use of this juice helps to remove pathology from core.

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