The death of George Floyd has shown white individuals and non-black persons of color, the atrocities that the African American community faces on a daily basis.

The Vaidya Family and Ayurved Sadhana

It is tragic, yet another death of an innocent African American man had to occur for us to finally demand change in the system that has oppressed this community for more than 400 years. We must support the Black Lives Matter movement if we want equality in this world. We must support Black Lives Matter if we want to dismantle white supremacy. We must support Black Lives Matter to rid ourselves of systemic racism. We must support Black Lives Matter to ensure the future of the African American community.
All generations – young and old need change and we need to support them. Future generations deserve a world where you will not be discriminated against merely based on the color of your skin. The world is one big family, we must come together at this time to help our African American brothers and sisters. This is not a political issue; this is a human rights issue. No one deserves to be in fear simply due to the color of their skin. We must use our voices to incite change. We must support this movement to ensure the health and wellness of minorities as well.
At Ayurved Sadhana, we fully support the Black Lives Matter movement; we support it to ensure equality in the generations to come. We urge you to support the movement and keep the momentum going. When everyone is equal, the world can reach its full potential. We must use our voice to help the African American community.
We also urge you to get involved and use your voice. Information on how to protest, sign petitions, and how to keep the movement alive can be found here:
Stay safe and healthy!!
From the Vaidya Family and Ayurved Sadhana
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