By Dr. Bharat Vaidya

We often get asked, what is prana?
As per tenth Mandala of Rig Veda

Vata, the Pot of Elixir What You Carry in Your Heart, from that Elixir, Give us Juice of Nectar (Oxygen) to Sustain Auspicious Life on the Mother Earth.


It means, In Oxygenation (Prana), Everything Resides.

As per Ayurveda, Oxygen is Prana or Varuna, while Electrons are Ashwino.

In the Universe, Agni, Sun, Moon, and Constellation, all things which shine and get life due to Prana or oxygen. Veda says “AGNI PUROHITA” which means fire or Agni is the principal element of the universe. Agni is burning due to Prana or Oxygen. The regulator of universe – the Sun is the flower of great electricity due to Prana or oxygenation. This Prana Vata or oxygenation plays an important role in our life force and generates power or electricity in the human body.

The function of the heart is to regulate and distribute the blood; not to create its propelling power in excess. Such a regulation requires great propulsive force exhibited by the size of heart’s muscles and powers of its pulsation. Yet, its central regulatory is not propulsive. It is the breathing power of the lungs that generates the energy or life force.

Electricity constitutes the motive power or life force. The generation of electrical energy is then applied to the blood in the body. All positive electrically charged ions proportionally repel while all negative and positive attract each other. This is both a fundamental law of electricity and a generator of unlimited motive power through nature which is self-acting, perpetual motivation, personified. It can and will undoubtedly be employed to generate any required amount of motive power or life force at little cost, just when and where person requires it for use.

A vast quantity of oxygen or electricity, both are elementarily the same. These chief agents are means of life and are introduced to the system by breathing. It charges the air cells of the lungs with electricity to their fullest extent.

The iron molecules in the blood attract about half of the electricity through the thin membrane which separates air cells from the blood cells. Thus, this process charges both cells positively and it generates a powerful self-acting propulsive force. This tremendous power is necessary to push the blood through the fine network of long capillary blood vessels throughout the body and stimulating the heart to push forth with whatever muscular efforts it requires. This force unlike dynamic pressure does not strain or burst the heart, because it works on the principle of continual electric antagonism.

Drawing the breath gathers and retains the electricity into the lungs and holding it there for an instant, filling the better half of it in the air cells. At the same time, the electrified or oxygenated blood rushes away from the air cells, just as fast as it gets charged positively. This repulsion is instantaneous when the breath strikes the lungs.

Then, the muscle and nerves seize this electricity and consume it in the various operations and functions of the life process. This leaves the blood with negatively charged by the time it gets through the capillaries and the veins. The negative state of venous blood pulls back to the lungs. This is how the positively and negatively charged blood supports the life sustaining system.

Even the bacteria, viruses, or fungus, whether good or bad, get life from the electrically charged current of blood. Krumi or bad microorganisms also go through this sustaining life system and creating colonies in the human body e.g., hookworms. Dr. Popat Prabhuram from Prabhuram Ayurvedic College, used to acknowledge that poor lungs can attract many diseases; either bacterial, viruses or fungal and it depends again largely on oxygen and electricity in the body.

Hence, the sages like Patanjali put a lot of emphasis on ‘PRANAYAMA’ – BREATHING EXERCISE which creates healthy lifestyle.

  1. Do regular Pranayama or breathing exercises.
  2. Breathe in and fill the lungs to its fullest. Breathe out and empty lungs as much as you can.
  3. While doing Pranayama, do not push your nose with your fingers but use psychic force in breathing exercise by which we can make your psychic strong.
  4. While breathing, use focus on chest, diaphragm, stomach, and umbilicus.
  5. Keep your waist, chest, and head in one straight line.
  6. Do not wear tight clothes. Please wear loose and clean clothing.
  7. When you are doing Pranayama, sit in Sukhasana or Virasana pose.
  8. After breathing in, keep the air as much as possible inside your body and then slowly and calmly release it.
  9. For releasing the breath, keep holding breath outside in the atmosphere and again take back inside slowly and fill up your lungs to the fullest.
  10. Please note that how much time it takes to do the one Pranayama.
  11. Increase number of Pranayama daily and through which increase the strength of your lungs, heart, body, and mind.
  12. Always do Pranayama practice in a clean, calm, and pure atmosphere, early in the morning and in the evening.
  13. If you have faith, then keep your faith in front of you and always think righteousness thoughts.
  14. If you are doing Pranayama in your home, then keep your doors and windows open for fresh air circulation. Always breathe free and fresh air.
  15. Wherever you go keep doing breathing exercise and through which concentrate your psyche on the path of righteousness, healing, love, peace, and positive thoughtful process.
  16. Always remember not to do in excess by which your body becomes extremely tired.
  17. If possible, take a lesson of proper Pranayama by a person who has thorough knowledge of ‘PATANJALLI YOGA SUTRA’.


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