Nature's Gift to mankind is Vavding or Vidang (Embelia ribes)! It is one of the most powerful herb and satwic wormicidal in Ayurveda.

Dr. Bharat Vaidya B.A.M.S., M.D.

Owner and Founder of Ayurved Sadhana

As growing up in India, one of the Ayurvedic herb which my mom and grandma used to keep in their kitchen was Vavding or Vidang, mostly in seeds form. They both used it in abundance for us and then for their grandchildren. Any time, anyone traveled and came from other part of India or world, they used to give them Vavding as Ayurvedic medicine protocol to make sure to detoxify and get rid of any worms which could have entered through outside food and water during travel. Charak has described Vavding or Vidang as a wormicidal (Krumighna), thirst-quencher (Truptighna), anti-skin diseases (Kusthaghna) and has described Vavding in almost each and every chapter of Ayurvedic text. Sages Charak and Sushrut considered Vidang oil as the best Shirovirechana – the herb which helps in removing unwanted toxins and metabolites from head. Vavding was staple medicine for children in Gujarat as a wormicidal by mixing it with yogurt.  They used to mix it with animal fodder for cows and buffalos in Porbunder, Gujarat, India (Sir James Watt- 1889). The renowned Vaidya Zandu Bhatt used Vavding and Jeshtimadh (Licorice) powders to make the tablets called as Vasant Vrutta Vati (Spring Elixir Tablet) which was excellent agni kindler, digestive and wormicidal. The nature of the herb is alterative, anthelmintic, carminative, and stimulant. It is a good remedy for abdominal disorders and constipation. It cures problems like gas, and indigestion. It is recommended for fungus infections as well. This herb is also applicable for headache, heart disease, insanity, and hemorrhoids. It removes tape worms from stomach.
Important Ayurvedic Uses:
  • Digestive system: Vidang or Vavding along with warm water is used in indigestion, vomiting, abdominal colic, flatulence, constipation, and piles. In any kind of worms, 10 gm of Vavding powder is given on empty stomach and then a purgative is given. It helps digestive system.
  • Respiratory system: Because Vavding is wormicidal, it does not allow toxin to build by worms (Krumi) and helps to keep air sack clear in lungs. In rhinitis & migraine, its fine powder is used as Nasya.
  • Urinary system: Vavding acts on the urinary system, diuretic, increases excretion of acid in the urine, useful in dysuria. Please remember when you do intake of Vavding, it causes red coloration in urine which is normal.
Some Household Remedies:
  • As growing up, my mom and grandma started the daily routine for my children by giving the milk which is boiled with a few seeds of Vidang. Such milk is easily digestible and does not give rise to worms. There is no gas formation, colic, or griping pain, it is thus an ideal indigenous gripe cure. Vavding water is one of the best wormicidal for children and adults.
  • For indigestion and fever, Vavding with honey tablet should be kept in mouth.
  • In cough and cold in children, Vavding powder can be given with honey.
  • Vidang along with Pippali is used as Nasya and Anjana in Jaundice.
  • In dental care and toothache, decoction of Vavding powder or seeds is used for gargles.
  • External application of paste of Vavding is done for skin diseases.
  • A fine powder of Vavding can be used for nasal administration in chronic rhinitis and other diseases of the head.
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