By Dr. Bharat Vaidya

Photo Credit: Photo by gotdaflow on Unsplash

Heat is a violent agitation of the infinitesimal particle or molecules of which matter is composed and ether is the vehicle by which it is carried. Vibrations that give rise to heat when they encounter material bodies exist in the ether which carries them, and since ether plays the most important part with fire for transferring DNA- RNA with karma on the material body.

Unfortunately, ether is the most neglected element by our science as it is considered as vacuum. They forget that vibrations are an integral part of that vacuum and vacuum contains ether. No doubt these vibrations conveyed from the sun, moon and stars by the ether may produce many effects unperceived or unknown to us because we never taught to think outside the box and undeveloped our nerves and organs of sensations suitable to their perceptions, but one thing is sure that ether connects us with vast. The ether is most mysterious, and discovery of its existence is one the greatest triumphs of our Vedic intelligence. No doubt the cell is in possession of the different organs of sensation suitable to perceive the effects of the heat and ether waves and it thereby directs the atoms to affect the large molecules in which they are able to store their building material and energy to survive.

Elementary atoms with electrical charges combining together and thus forming neutral molecules which are yet unable to see by any microscope. We think of the invisible microbe again and try to realize that it contains millions upon millions of individual particles or molecules, each of which contains several atoms and passes through the ether. To this force which binds molecules together we call it cohesion. This cohesion heals space or ether and when that is pure particles remain pure and move freely by giving birth to other healthy atoms and molecules.

We picture the elementary atoms grouping themselves into little congregations called molecules. Different atoms have different grabbing powers. For example, when we combine hydrogen and oxygen together, each oxygen atom is able to grab two hydrogen atoms to itself. Therefore, when we break up water into its constituent gasses by means of electric current we require a pure combination of heat -Agni and Ether – Aakash.

Ether is the most important part of Satwa or purity in body and minds which can affect our whole body, mind and endocrine system which is an integral part of our metaphysical magnetic field which protects our body from infection and infestation. Our thoughts naturally turn into the electrons, which along with ether, are the most fundamental key of our health and wellbeing. It is evident that a very heavy burden falls upon those tiny charges of negative electricity. Electric current and electric discharges of our thought process and our eating and living process are discharges of these tine electrons in motions through our cellular biology and DNA -RNA in motions. Movements of these electrons give rise to magnetic fields, electric waves, heat, and every variety of ether waves.

If Agni (heat) and Aakash (Ether) are pure then we can develop holistic immunity which can prevent and cure not only us but the coming generation too.


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