Pitrupaksha – Shraddha Paksha (Dia de los Muertos) — Dup

Interesting: It was used in old time by traditional Vaidya’s as a potent medicine to treat women diseases. It was part of pharmacopeia of Ayurveda in Prabhuram Ayurvedic College during late 19th century and early 20th century for treatment during pregnancy and during menstrual problems. One of the potent formula was Kumari (Aloe Vera) + Manjishta + Yoni Suman. It was also use in treatment of Vandhya means sterility and of Kak Vandhya means one child sterility. 

Energetically it is very powerful herb and many times it was used to treat not only physical level problems in women but metaphysical levels too, to balance endocrine and hormonal system with other herbs. As per traditional Vaidya’s This plant is so energetic that first it should be preyed upon with ‘Gayatri’ or other mantra and by taking permission only one can use the flower.