Dear Methi

When I pass you in the sands,
I wonder if you are four leaf clover waiting to sprout its chaturthi wing.
But you are more oblong, striated, and decidedly delicious.
Really you are a perfected troika; your leaves boast the divine number of Guru.
And your gifts count many more.


Some of the benefits of Vajikaran therapy are:
– Increases hard erections
– Rejuvenates male and female reproductive systems
– Increases egg and sperm count and mobility
– Increases body energy levels
– Slows the aging processes
– Increases attractiveness and vitality

Rose of Jericho

Univeral (but now forgotten) plant of Ayurveda: Plant of Shakti, Plant of Mother Mary and Plant of Resurrection, Flower of Ayesha

Many cultures believe that this plant can bring prosperity and happiness in the house. Some cultures like Sanitarians also believe that this plant is associated with angels of light and thunder.

Pitrupaksha – Shraddha Paksha (Dia de los Muertos)

Pitrupaksha is a period in the Vedic calendar when Hindus pay their respect or homage to the ancestors (Pitrus). Pitrupaksha is observed for sixteen Lunar days and during this time no auspicious ceremonies are performed.

This sixteen days of observance ends on New Moon day known as Sarvapitru Amavasya. This also falls in line with the autumn equinox. During this period, when the sun transits from the Northern to the Southern hemisphere.

Prabhuram Jivanram Vaidya from 1832 to 1902
Prabhuram Jivanram was born into a family of Ayurvedic doctors. His father was a well respected Vaidya in Porbundar, his home town in Gujarat, India. His family belonged to the Nagar Brahman, and was considered wealthy at the time of his birth. Things were just what one would wish up until the age of 3 when his father died. The financial situation became critical for his family. Therefore he and his brother were brought up by their uncle. During his childhood until the age of 12, he was taught in Sanskrit. At the age of 15 he got married to the sister of Shastri Shankarlal Maheshwar, a famous poet, whose father was an Ayurvedic doctor as well. They had two sons together, one became a lawyer (Sir Vishwanath Vaidya) and the other one an Ayurvedic doctor and surgeon (Dr. Popat Prabhuram). Unfortunately he became widowed early and never married again.
An Ode to Olena – Turmeric Poem

There is hysteria in America over Tumeric.

Also known as turmeric; have you heard of it?

It is a rhizome, or horizontal root forming lateral shoots.

Native to the most ancient of India, the Vedic sages there named her Haridra.

Ode to Elderberry

Elderberry has served the human body in a healing and restorative way for thousands of years and we have it to thank for its beautiful, maternal, comforting, nourishing, healing, calming, soothing and replenishing effect on the human body.

The elderberry tree is a perennial, large, ornamental tree. The berries from this tree/shrub have been known to be medicinal since folklore. The berries have a variety of uses- as medicine, elderberry wine, and in pies.


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